In the unprecedented, tumultuous and challenging year of 2020, Twitter remained a source for news and information-sharing on all things pandemic related, political and tech.
Even while navigating the stress, anxiety and sometimes heartache and heartbreak that was common this year, the 200 women who made this year’s Black Women In Tech to Follow on Twitter list continued to disseminate tips, hacks, insights and knowledge.
On their profiles, they gave of their personal lives while working in the tech industry and they remain engaed with their followers by providing updates on issues and events related to inclusive tech initiatives around their personal community and the world.
The Black Women In Tech To Follow On Twitter list is back thanks to the generous sponsorship of a Black Woman in Tech Boss, Nicole Commissiong, Senior Vice President, Operations of Maryland-based Dynamic Services Solutions.
The list returns after a brief one-year hiatus. The process of curating it every year is a one to three woman operation but last year was not feasible. Previous permeations of the list were released in 2016, 2017 and 2018 previously.
Enter Nicole Commissiong, a government contract powerhouse, who runs one of the few women-lead homeland infrastructure support companies to partner with the United States government and private sector clients for over two decades.
Commissiong’s company, Dynamic Service Solutions, an engineering and Project Management and Emergency Management firm was at one time the only black woman-owned Tier-1
Engineering Furnishing and Installation (EFI) vendor for Verizon in the Mid-Atlantic providing telecommunications and power infrastructure.
Earlier versions of the list received support from the tech community. The Obama Administration’s Office on African American Affair’s Twitter page re-shared the list and over time, several members on the list became Twitter-verified!
The post-George Floyd protest movement drew a renewed interest in re-visiting the ways marginalized communities and groups that have traditionally been ignored, overlooked, underfunded, and not supported.
Black Women continue to represent less than 1% of Venture Capital funding in the tech space and go missing from annual roundups of “Who To Follow Lists” that begin circulating at the end of each year. It was the reason I started this recognition in 2016 in the first place.
“I used to look forward to reading about the wonderful, informed, engaging Black women who made the list every year and was disappointed to see it go away,” Commissiong said. “When asked to help usher in its return, I knew as a Black woman myself who moves and maneuvers in a male-dominated field that I had to step in and offer my assistance.”
Commissiong currently manages dozens of employees and leads several multi-million dollar high impact infrastructure projects in various technology sectors, and more recently, emergency management. Her company’s team is 75 percent women.
She stepped up when no one else would so there could be this latest edition of 200 Black Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter.
Methodology: We selected those who update their accounts regularly, and who usually share news, information, images, ideas and tips related to inclusion, the celebration of diversity in tech and the elevation of underrepresented groups. Ideally, the majority of the content shared by these women is not self-promotional but instructive and shared to edify followers while expressing themselves, their passions and their opinions and authentic selves. We could not add accounts that are set to Private.
What’s New: This 2020, this year, we tried to go even deeper with pure tech and selected more coders, software engineers, front-end developers and code newbies, including several college students and young professionals, as well as innovators and founders who are under 25.
Also this year, to make room for more individuals, we removed all the organizations that previously occupied space on the list.
We celebrate the individuals who are the engines of those groups instead.
We wanted to maintain a robust list of active users of this social media platform’s most informative, influential, and engaging tweeters, so those who have accounts that infrequently tweet were not included this year.
FOLLOW ALL:  If you are on Twitter, you can follow everyone on this list at once by following this Twitter List!
Without much further ado, these were the most active and relevant voices in 2020.
Yours Truly,
Jay Jay Ghatt, Founder and Curator, 200 Black Women to Follow On Twitter





Ada nduka Oyom




Twitter Bio: Software Developer Avocado| DevRel (SSA) Google; @gdg@WomenTechmakers | ex @interswitchgroup| Technical writer | Building @SheCodeAfrica@oscafrica


Adaora Udoji


Twitter Bio: #Media #EmergingTech #Storytelling #CreativeDevelopment @theRLabNYC @ITP @TheHelmco @PipelineAngels #3D #XR #AI Former  @CNN @ABCNews @PublicRadio @NewsDeeply



Twitter Bio: ah-day-moo-(sho-yo) 🇳🇬 engineer. entrepreneur. she/her #WomenMake #BlackTechTwitter @MacScientists @societyxtech FREE:

Adepeju Jaiyeoba


Twitter Bio: Founder @brownbutton_org &Mother’s Delivery Kit|Queen of England Points of Light Awardee| @washfellowshi


Aerica Shimizu Banks


Twitter Bio:“If you have come here to help me you are wasting your time, but if you have come because your liberation is bound up with mine, then let us work together.”



Twitter Bio: Women In Tech #WIT | Data scientist | Food expert | Sports fan | Cyclist | Sorting hat sent me to Slytherin

Aisha Blake



Twitter Bio: (she/her) @TitleOfConf@selfconference co-organizer, and @SpeakersInTech co-founder. AishaCodes on Twitch! Prev: @gatsbyjs

Aisha Bowe


Twitter Bio: Former @nasa Rocket Scientist 🚀7-Figure Entrepreneur and Global STEM Speaker. Founder of @STEMBoard & @stemlingoco


Amanda Spann


Twitter Bio: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder l Founder of The App Accelerator l Co-Founder of CultureCrush App & TipOff Game l Previously @TiphubAfrica @IBM@Techstars

April Speight


Twitter Bio: I play a developer on the interweb (e) @azureadvocate – Spatial Computing at @Microsoft life is plastic — it’s fantastic + Oui, Queen

Andrea Evans, Esq.


Twitter Bio: Intellectual Property Attorney – #Patent, #Trademark and #Copyright Law/ 2014 White House STEM Champion of Change! As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX and Make48

Angela Benton


Twitter Bio: Currently: Chief Exec  @Streamlytics Previously: Founded 1st minority accelerator NewME (Acquired). Also: Author. Cancer Survivor. Mom. IG @abenton

Angie Jones



Twitter Bio: Principal Developer Advocate @Applitools | Director of @TestAutomationU | International Keynote Speaker | Java Champion | Master Inventor | Prev. Twitter & IBM

Anie Akpe


Twitter Bio: Founder  @IBOMLLC ~ @AfricanWIT @innov8tivmag Beta: @AwitCreatives

Aniyia Williams


Twitter Bio: systempreneur. creator. human.  @polotek’s wife. rolling deep with @omidyarnetwork,  @bbfounders,  @zebras_unite,  @buildwithbia,  @fireflyalliance. views = mine.

Anissa Thompson


Twitter Bio: 🎓@CSUDHExtendedEd #SocialMedia 👩🏽‍💻#UXUI #Developer | 👩🏽‍🏫Trainer | Educator | Speaker • 🎨 #Adobe ACP | UGM @lawebprosgroup • ⛪#Yeshua (Jesus) Believer

Ariel Ash-Shakoor


Twitter Bio: Biomedical Engineer | Cardiovascular Devices | DEI Advocate | Black & STEM News | DC Fitness Events | TV/Movie/Music/Book Reviews | No Political Endorsements


Arlan Hamilton


Twitter Bio: BLACK. Founder @Backstage_Cap, board @getmahme, author IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME, host YOUR FIRST MILLION pod, fan @GeneralHospitaL, MARRIED to @queergermangirl  😍


Arlyne Simon, Ph.D


Twitter Bio: Founder, Patented Inventor, Biomedical Engineer, Author #AbbyInvents, @ifthenshecan STEM Advocate, My mission: ⬆️ no. of inventors

Ashley Mosley Dickens


Twitter Bio: Stay-at-home mom on a break from Silicon Valley. Proud grad  of  @howardU. She/Her. 🏳️‍🌈💖


Ashley Nelson-Hornstein


Twitter Bio: iOS Engineer. Conference Speaker. Blogger.

Ayori Selassie


Twitter Bio: AI, Engineer, Writer, Selfpreneur, Ethics | | #AI#MachineLearning #LifeModelDesign#ThinkDontSqueeze


Barbara H. Whye



Twitter Bio: Intel Corporate Vice President-Human Resources, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, and Apple’s announced next VP of Inclusion and Diversity #AKA

Bari A. Williams


Twitter Bio: Tech Esq. + Ops | @StubHub + @Facebook alum | D&I/Equity advocate | Asker of why | Around the way etiquette lover | #TownBusiness | Cal Alum | Views = mine.

B. Laurie


Twitter Bio: | professional smiler — tech obsessed — experience curator — follower of Jesus — Haitian | alum: @Pinterest @a16z @CODE2040 @LinkedIn@StartupAmerica @HowardU |

Beatrix House


Brandeis Marshall


Twitter Bio: compsci – data wing, race+ and education. building @dataedxgroup & @BlkWomenInData (she/hers) Views = mine. #BlackComputing #DataScienceEducation #DataedX

Bria Sullivan



Twitter Bio: partner at venture firm || ex--@googleengineer, ex-@microsoftpm || game dev • advisor @googlestartups & @thestartfund

Brittney Ball


Twitter Bio: Doc Engineer @Facebook 👍🏾 | YouTuber 🖥 | Tweeter 🐥 | InstaGrammer 📸 | Coder 👩🏾‍💻 | Blogger 💻 | Speaker 🗣 | LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈 | My views are my own 💁🏾‍♀️

Brit Fitzpatrick


Twitter Bio: no luck, only grace • network capital entrepreneur • connector & community builder @wearebluenorth #TBNSCM • Louisville born, @HowardU bred • opinions = mine


Camille Hearst


Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur, product leader, lightweight angel investor. Head of @spotifyartists. Ex-Apple, YouTube, Google, started Kit @ Expa, sold it to Patreon.

Candi Castleberry


Twitter Bio: VP #DiversityPartnerships @Twitter
#IWillDoMyPart Intersectionality•Diversity•AI #ServeOthers Dignity&Respect #LiveWithJoy ΔΣΘ Views=MyOwn 🥰=☀️+🚴🏽‍♂️+🚤+🍾

Candice Morgan


Twitter Bio: Lead Equity & Inclusion @GVteam (Google Ventures). Former Head of Diversity @Pinterest and Senior Director @CatalystInc. Pronouns: she/her. Views = mine.

CarlyAnn Fergus


Twitter Bio: Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder Former: @Xrclabs @Parsons Advisories/ Committees: @Opp_Net @cfda EGLP / CELA




Twitter Bio: dev marketing @codesandbox ✨ instructor @eggheadio ✨ aws ☁️ + python 🐍 + jamstack ✨ join @100ProjectDays with me😊 MemeQueen™️✨ aws community builder

Charlene Brown, MD


Twitter Bio: Founder @CNASimVR| Former @usaid, @us_fda,  @BMore_Healthy Deputy Commissioner | @harvardmed @harvardchansph @princeton alum |#Consultant #PublicHealth #PrevMed

Charlene Hunter



Twitter Bio: Full Stack Java, C#, JS Developer. Founder @codingblackfems. Co-Host @meetupandcode. Love to travel. (She/Her)

Cheryl Contee


Twitter Bio: geek + good = inspirational innovation — CEO of Do Big Things. My full time job = proud mama of a toddler!

Chidera Je-Ni


Twitter Bio: funemployed

Christina Morillo


Twitter Bio: Demystifying infosec & tech one byte at a time. ☀️ Security Engineering. InfoSec, 😍 Identity, Tech. Ex-MSFT. Creator @wocintechchat photos • Co-Chair @wisporg




Twitter Bio: Daughter of God, Mom, Web Design intern, Full-Stack Software Engineer Student @FlatironSchool. Almost certified in AWS🤞🏾 & Security + 🤦🏾‍♀️




Twitter Bio: FTP | software dev | tweets candidly abt the public sector, tech, gadgets, #data | opinions = mine | she/her | #INTP | #natureistherapy #getoutside

Corvida Raven


Twitter Bio: Known for talking #tech in plain English. Also a #blackbirder || Formerly: TED, Intel, ReadWrite, Chevrolet/GM 🏳️‍🌈 || Hampton U

Cynthia Gale Manor


Retired IT/Reporting professional working towards new career in #WebDev • Student • Graphic Artist • @UTAustin Alum • #BlackTechTwitter #WomenInTech


Darnèle Adhemar


Twitter Bio: Software Developer || Lifelong learner || Reader 📗📘|| Traveler 🧳|| Food lover 😋 #blackTechTwitter 🇭🇹 ♓️

Dawn Dickson-Akpoghene



Twitter Bio: Lightworker 🧞‍♀️🧚🏾‍♀️|Entrepreneur |@PopComTech |@FlatOutofHeels | #Inventor | #Speaker | Living my dreams! Take my #crowdfunding course CLICK below

Deb Raji



Twitter Bio: AI accountability, audits & eval. Keen on participation & practical outcomes. Opinions are my own. @mozilla Fellow, forever @AJLUnited, @hashtag_include ✝️


Elle Elliott



Twitter Bio: UX Designer • Audiophile • Empath • Human Centered Design • World Traveler• LGBT 🏳️‍🌈. #HireMe

Emmie Lewis-Briggman


Twitter Bio: God First, Mommy of 5, Wife, Enterprise Architect & Lead IT Architect, CSM, CSD, 🐝 Georgia Tech, Views are my own

Erica Baker

@Erica Joy

Twitter Bio: she/her | Director of Engineering | Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. -John Lewis | 💖💙

Ericka Mabion


Twitter Bio: 3x TOY: innovation, creativity & change. K-8 PLTW/CS Coordinator, wife, mother, and giver. Google Certified Trainer. Presenter. Empowerer.

Erin Horne McKinney


Twitter Bio: ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽 #visionarychangeagent #socialimpact #innovationstrategy #afrofuturist

Erin Teague


Twitter Bio: 👩🏽‍💻product @youtube@google, previously @twitter@yahoo | 👩🏽‍🎓 @harvard, @umengineering@eecsatmi alum | ❤️ working hard to make my ancestors smile!

Evelyn Namara


Twitter Bio: Tech Entrepreneur | Pan Africanist


Felicia Hatcher


Twitter Bio: Entrepreneur|Author|Mom| Co-Founder of Center for Black Innovation @blacktechweek. I have an obsession with traveling, desserts & helping people get on stages.


Gloria Kimbwala


Twitter Bio: Founder of Bisalu.Speaker, Mom. #blockchain #codecamp #womenintech #diversityintech #wocinTech #minorities


Hadiyah Mujhid


Twitter Bio: Founder @hbcuvc. Recovering #software eng. Helping @indievc@lightspeedvp find dope founders. My venn #startups #venturecapital #hbcus

Heather Faison


Twitter Bio: Girls advocate using tech to accelerate change. ⚡@HowardU grad. Hella gay. DC Oakland RDU


Idalin Bobe


Twitter Bio: Founder http://TechActivist.Org Organizer of @Tech_Intersect  • Organizer of @Tech_Intersect a conf for #WOC • Former #BlackGirlsCODE • I ❤️ tech + social justice • 💚💕 • 🐶mom#ThoughtWorks 

Ilham Kadri



Twitter Bio: CEO @SolvayGroup. Passionate about #sustainability #digital #technology #diversity & #inclusion. Proud mum & Chairwoman Emeritus of Hygieia Network

Ire Aderinokun



Twitter Bio: Frontend Dev, UI Design, @buycoins_africa (YC S18), @botsofcode, @googledevexpert, @frontstackio, @feminist_co

Isa Watson


Twitter Bio: helping you spend time with your fav people | founder @withyoursquad | mit, cornell, hu grad |

Izzy Vix



Twitter Bio: Cloud Security Analyst #infosec #cybersecurity #blacktechtwitter 🇭🇹 | my tweets are my own.


Jaid Barrett


Twitter Bio: InfoSec Professional | Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, InfoSec & Tech Lover | University of South Florida Alum | STEM | eCommerce | Jamaican | Views Are My Own

Jaleesa Trapp


Twitter Bio: revolutionary ✊🏾 educator 👩🏾‍🏫 uw alum (@hcdeuw) 💜💛 currently a phd student at the mit @medialab 👩🏾‍💻 she/her

Jamie Broadnax


Twitter Bio: Blogger. Nerd. Billionaire. Just kidding. Founder and CEO @blackgirlnerds Freelance writer. @criticschoice member. Fighter for Progressive Policy and Rights


Jay Jay Ghatt


Twitter Bio: #Blerd| #PinterestMarketingExpert| #SocialMedia Coach.; ; #EIC @Bellyitch ; Creator:200 Black Women in Tech on Twitter To Follow

Jessica Dembe



Twitter Bio: Front-End Engineer. @theironyard@UofMaryland alumni. Typing fast and taking notes. My opinions, musings, and observations. #DCTech. she/her.

Jessica O. Matthews


Twitter Bio: Fndr & CEO, Uncharted Power. Believer in all things authentic, disruptive and empowering. Contact:

Jessica Williams


Twitter Bio: I created the #jesspicks newsletter and can help you get resources and tools to make money from a #sidehustle. Click the link below to see this week’s tips!

Jewel Burks Solomon


Twitter Bio: saved by grace • partner at @collab_capital • Head of @googlestartups, U.S. • founder @Partpic (acq. by @Amazon) • @howardu alumna • opinions are mine • she/her

Jewell Scott


Twitter Bio: Web developer. Practitioner. E-book reader. Asking questions and learning stuff. I saw Black Panther for Shuri. Frequently offline.

Jotaka Eaddy


Twitter Bio: Connecting DC & Silicon Valley| Founder & CEO Full Circle Strategies | Fmr Sr. Advisor@NAACP | Fmr VP #SiliconValley Exec| Founder #winwithblackwomen My Tweets

Joy Buolamwini



Twitter Bio: Founder Algorithmic Justice League @AJLUnited | – Warrior Artist, Computer Scientist

Joycelyn James


Twitter Bio: Advocate for diversity & inclusion in all things media, tech & STEM related. RT not endorsement. Proud Howard Bison in the Capital of Inclusive Innovation.

Juliana Rotich


Twitter Bio: Building. Make, fix, help others. WEF Young Global Leader, Co-founded @BRCKnet @Ushahidi + I serve on a couple of boards. Views expressed here are mine

Jumoke Dada


Twitter Bio: Technologist. Entrepreneur. Storyteller 👩🏾‍💻 @SignatureRED | @TechWomenWork | @HUETechSummit | @ForbesWomen


Karama Horne


Twitter Bio: I’m Karama! Culture journalist|Content creator|Professional Geek #theblerdgurlLIVE #SYFYWIRE #Nerdist #RottenTomatoes @tiylandcreative

Kamilah Taylor


Twitter Bio: 👩🏾‍💻engineer building thoughtful products•now: @gustohq • past: @theswaayapp @krikeyapp @LinkedIn @IllinoisCS etc•compulsive 📚 buyer•Hufflepuff+Trekkie

Katrine Jones



Twitter Bio: She/Her/Hers. D&I Lead, AWS ProServe. Always envisioning an equitable & inclusive future. Mama extraordinaire. Dreaming of my next beach moment. Views-mine.

Kaya Thomas


Twitter Bio: Software engineer, writer & keynote speaker. Creator of @WeReadTooApp, senior iOS engineer @calm, @acefitness CPT, @dartmouth alum.

Keirsten Brager


Twitter Bio: The cybers. Tech. 💰💰 @profbrager’s wife. Buy Secure The InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide


Kelli Nikole


Twitter Bio: catalyst

Kenda Codes



Twitter Bio: Full-stack Web Developer |Web design | #BlackTech | #womenInTech | #BlackTechTwitter | —my thoughts are my own and are not tied to any company or corporation—

Kesha Williams


Twitter Bio: Software Engineering Leader, Training Architect @acloudguru, Speaker, #AWS ML Hero, #Alexa Champion, #Java Geek, Founder @SalaryOverflow, Board @WomenInVoice




Twitter Bio:
Black, bi, & bored 💖💜💙 Software engineer.
Don’t follow me for tech tweets. Do follow me for left tweets.
My opinions, of course. she/her. avi:@pianta_

Khalia Braswell


Twitter Bio: At the nexus of computer science + education + user experience • mastered it, now pursuing a PhD in those things @TempleUniv • Founder of @INTechCamps • 🔺1913🐘 




Twitter Bio: Data Architect 📈 • Software Engineer 👩🏾‍💻 • Photographer 📸 • Real Estate Investor 🏡 • Not nice, but cordial 😉

Kimberly Bryant


Twitter Bio: Founder and CEO @BlackGirlsCode | 💗💚 *1908* | Engineer | Speaker | Angel Investor | Board member: @policingequity


Korin Reid


Twitter Bio: CEO @Ellisonlabs, Data Scientist, @forbes 30 under 30 2017, @GeorgiaTech PhD, Writer, Believer

Kristen Smith


Twitter Bio: I help Athletes build real relationships with their fanbase via Text #TheSuperPhoneWay. @SuperPhone Ambassador. I love Sports.

Kristy Tillman


Twitter Bio: Designer. Investor. Futurist. ex-@slackhq @ideo. currently working on @mitffellowship. Starting something new in Jan.


Latesha Bryd


Twitter Bio: Creator @career_chasers ✨| CEO @byrdconsults| Digital Coach @google | Featured @forbes @huffpost @wsj❤️🐘  join my list for career💎

Laura Weidman Powers


Twitter Bio: Author, Unstuck Together. Now: @EchoingGreen. Then: @NewMediaVenture @Code2040 @WHOSTP44 @NewAmericaCA @Stanford @Harvard. I traveled w a baby for 303 days.

Lisa Mae Brunson


Twitter Bio: Founder @wonderwomentech • 40 under 40 • Social Innovator • 2019 Create Cultivate Top 100 • Entrepreneur “100 Powerful Women”• Speaker• Commissioner • Visionary

Lisa Leid


Twitter Bio: I blog for @innov8tivmag. #Founder of @Techncolor I’m passionate abt #Social, #Digital and all things #Tech co organizer of Women of #Wordpress NYC #emailgeek

Dr. Lisa T. Richardson


Twitter Bio: GeekMom. Foodie. Manga+Anime otaku. Martech & biztech strategist for very small businesses and nonprofits. Chief @drlisadotco.

Lola Odelola


Twitter Bio: @blackgirltech‘s & @lostinthesource‘s mum, published poet, coder, wanderer, wonderer, & anti-cheesecake & anti-hennessy activist. i am not my employer. she/her.


Lynne Luvah


Twitter Bio: Senior Editor @admonsters Class, Race and Gender Adjunct @SUNYEmpireLabor Telegram + Signal @lynnedjohnson Tweets = my own #diversityintech #diversityinadtech


Maci Peterson


Twitter Bio: Jesus is my #1. Because of Him, I can. Co-Founder & CEO @onsecondthought; @Inc 30 Under 30, @BBC100Women, @WBJOnline 40 Under 40, @EYAccelerating Entrepreneurs

Mame Damey


Twitter Bio: Journalist and EIC of Fashion +Tech

Mandy Bowman


Twitter Bio: The largest directory of Black-owned businesses. Download the OBWSapp! 👇🏾


Marcia Wade Talbert


Twitter Bio: Organic Social Lead @CDWcorp | Content Mkt Enthusiast | Former Sr. Editor @EdTech_K12 and Journalist | Tweets are my own. Also follow my alter ego @newsgyrl

Maria D. Smith


Twitter Bio: Co-Founder #StemNasticsLLC/ #GigabyteMagazine,Stem/Steam, Web Developer Tech Evangelist, #CyberSecurity,#infrastructure Mother & Wife

Mariah Lichtenstern


Twitter Bio: @DiverseCityV |@AspenTechHub Fellow |@TechFundingEQ – VC accelerating positive social, economic, and climate impact through entrepreneurship. ✨🌱🙋🏾‍♀️💰✨

Marieme Jamme


Twitter Bio: Keynote Speaker|#Tech Educator| Consultant|@BBC100women Honoree |#Podcaster |#Goalkeeper @UNICEF | Coder |Founder @i_amtheCODEl #SDGs #Africa |RTs #endorsement

Marjy Guery


Twitter Bio:I help service providers plan, organize, + launch signature offers in a day | Asana Certified Pro | #BlackTechTwitter · Security + | Hati 🗽 🦂 | All BLM

Marlo Rencher


Twitter Bio: Mom. Wife. Entrepreneur. Anthropologist. Committed to diverse technology entrepreneurship.

Marsha Codes



Twitter Bio: Software Engineer @giantmachines, learning something new every day & loving the journey. Intuitive Communicator, INTP. She/Her 😃

Mary Henrye


Twitter Bio: Making everyday a better version of myself. #FinancialAnalyst #DataPassionate #Foodie #Motherof2 #halfintrovert_halfextravert

Megan Rose Dickey


Twitter Bio: Senior reporter @TechCrunch, Mixtape podcast co-host/producer, writing Human Capital newsletter

Melanie Araujo


Twitter Bio: founder & design leadership coach@joinfrontcenter. previously design ops @dropboxdesign, product design @facebook. #BlackLivesMatter


Melissa Bradley


Twitter Bio: Co-founder @ureekacommunity, founder @1863ventures, co-founder @sidecarfinance, professor @msbgu, founder @newcapitalist, serial entrepreneur, mother

Mercedes Bent


Twitter Bio: VC @lightspeedvp Board @theforage_, unannounced, Formerly @GA @GoldmanSachs @StanfordGSB @Harvard #Alwayscurious Investing #Consumer #FinTech  & 👇🏾

Michele Henry


Twitter Bio: @Workday HCM & Financials || #MigratoryNotes || @VAtech and @USCMBA alum || #WomeninTech

Mina Markham



Twitter Bio: am: Staff Engineer @SlackHQ. Keynote Speaker. @SF_DSC ¶ was: @HFA ¶ always: INFP. Ravenclaw. Beyoncé. #BΔΚ #BlackTechTwitter ¶ Opinions are @stewart‘s ¶ she/her

Misan Iwere


Twitter Bio: Full Stack Engineer @BenchSci | Co-founder @nsbehacksuoft  @UofT 👩🏾‍🎓



Twitter Bio: Womanist building technology to elevate people. @ReactJSLadies founder. @Github Star. Art Insta 🎨:

Monique Woodard


Twitter Bio: VC – In the kitchen // Investor @Blavity @OdotSchool @MentedCosmetics @CourtBuddyinc Former: @500Startups @SFMOCI.

Morgan DeBaun


Twitter Bio: Media CEO + Founder of @Blavityinc: @afrotech @shadowandact @21ninety (#summit21) @blavity and @travelnoire // #worksmart — email us here:




Twitter Bio: Android
@Twitter 👩🏾‍💻
@GoogleDevExpert for Android 🤖
6x Marathoner 🏃🏾‍♀️
Sprichst du Deutsch? 🗣


Nancy Douyon


Twitter Bio: Tech World Ethicist “IT” Girl 📝Featured @techcrunch @forbes 📺As seen @WhiteHouse 🕊Healer | Speaker ✈️70+countries 🇭🇹 🇧🇷🇮🇳 🇳🇬 🇬🇭 🇯🇵 🇸🇪 🇳🇵

Nashlie Sephus



Twitter Bio: Applied Scientist @Amazon AI. Founder of nonprofit @TheBeanPath. CTO of acquired-startup #Partpic. Public Speaker. Native of Jackson, Mississippi. Lives in ATL.

Natalie Davis



Twitter Bio: Interested in solving human problems through technology (she/her). So this one time at dev camp…

Naya Ross

Twitter Bio: InfoSec Officer,Creative Technologist 10yrs @NayaFromIT Founder of @frauvis @namoslabs ‘s AI, RPA, SaaS,NoCode,RmteWork, &Automation


Netia McCray


Twitter Bio: BLACK Tech Founder and Executive Director of @Mbadika. Host of MLAB TV Show. Global Citizen. #STEM Advocate. @MIT Alum. Dreamer and Doer of Impossible Things

Nichelle McCall


Twitter Bio: Co-Founder of @Bramework | #Startup Strategist | Venture-backed #Tech #Entrepreneur |Speaker 🎤 | Lover of Ice Cream🍦, my family, and #Cleveland

Nicol Neal



Twitter Bio: Revolutionizing #K12 buying as CEO of @NoodleMarkets (2017 CODiE Awards Finalist). Unapologetic wearer of fabulous shoes.

Dr. Nicol Turner-Lee


Twitter Bio: Deserving Dr., Research Fellow, Author, Activist, Tech Enthusiast, Nerd, Social Scientist, Social Entrepreneur, Innovator, and Change Agent

Nicole Tinson


Twitter Bio: Founder + CEO of @HBCU20x20. #DiversityandInclusion Advocate #MyDU + #Yale Alum. Fearless woman. Philanthropist❤️1913 #Forbes30Under30 #DoingTheWork #iMissMyMom

Nikema Prophet



Twitter Bio: she/her. #EndSARS. | | |


Nikita T. Mitchell


Twitter Bio: Infinitely curious business strategist, speaker, and writer. Tech employee by day. Editor of @abovebottomline by night. Subscribe:


Ofure Ukpebor


Twitter Bio: Momma. Techie. Tailor. Dreamer. Believer.

Oluebube Princess Egbuna



Twitter Bio: Software engineer, community engineer, men matter as much as women do, egalitarian, Opinions totally mine.

Omosola Odetunde


Twitter Bio: Advisor, speaker, currently building. Previously cto @, ex @clue, @shopify, etc. @stanford CS alum. Dig lettering, gymnastics, spreading joy

Omo Jumille


Twitter Bio: Technical Advisor to the CEO at @GitHub | Data person | #Naija | Opinions mine.


Pariss Athena


Twitter Bio: Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline (@btpipeline) 🚀 | Creator of #BlackTechTwitter | (She/Her)| Find a job or hire & retain Black technologists here 🔗👇🏾


Perrie Ojemeh



Twitter Bio: Sustaining the African Open Source space. Designer (Research & Product). Building @oscafrica. Committed to @Gnome. Board @sugar_labs. Core @opensrcdesign.


Qiana Patterson


Twitter Bio: Tech | Operations | Impact | VP @hopskipdrive | VC Scout | Angel Investor | Mercedem Fidelis



Rasheeda M. Yehuza


Twitter Bio:Software Engineer | Web. Mobile. | I also like to make videos

Rebecca Enonchong


Twitter Bio: Tech entrepreneur. Founder CEO@AppsTech @iospaces (home of @AyooAfrica).Board Chair @afrilabs @Activspaces / #Team237 #100mostinfluentialafricans

Regina Honu


Twitter Bio: CEO @SoronkoF, @Techneedsgirls, @SoronkoAcademy Fellow at @Ashoka @WashFellowship, @AspenNewVoices,Featured @CNNAfricanstart.

Rizell Bob


Twitter Bio: DACA-mented software engineer | exec lead @gcodehouse @resilientcoders alum #AWSCommunityBuilder

Rushaine McBean


Twitter Bio: Sr. Software Engineer @teachable |@manhattan_js@empirejs co-organizer |Musician 🎸 Producer, Artist | NY Native with some Cali in my heart.


Sabrina Hersi Issa


Twitter Bio: Learner, leader, joyful warrior. | human rights + tech + investments | leading @beboldmedia, championing @survivorfund @peoplesiftar

Safia Abdalla


Twitter Bio: I help maintain the @nteractio ecosystem, make open source software at @microsoft, and write books and blogs. Dream big and follow through even bigger.

Sahra Mohamed


Twitter Bio: Data Scientist | Building @skinmamaco@whatfooddid | Health & Food Innovation |@thisisysys #ecomgirls

Sailor Ghoul



Twitter Bio: Senior Software Engineer @PayPal 💫| Host of@gitcutepodcast | she/her | All opinions are my own

Sarah Williams


Twitter Bio:Your Fav Technophile 👩🏾‍💻 | Bot Mom to @cooltechrobot and @whosehiringbot | I talk trash about tech | Twitch Affiliate | Come watch me stream ⬇️

Saron Yitbarek


Twitter Bio: 2x founder, building @discohq_, @CodeNewbies (acquired). I wore a t-shirt to my wedding. Developer. Podcaster. Ethiopian. Host #CommandLinePod • She/her.

Scooter Phoenix


Twitter Bio: Solutions Architect, AWS CSAA ☁️.❤️to learn stuff. Tweets=growth CybersecurityTA @ UPENN #blacklivesmatter#pythonforall she/her

Shasha-Shae Shaw


Twitter Bio: I love Jesus! @love316m | #WebDesigner#oxygenbuilder @FreshMedley » | #NaturalHair@texturedgirl

Shari Hunt


Twitter Bio: Boosting technology resources for #smallbusinesses, #nonprofits and #WomenInTech.

Sharon Adongo


Twitter Bio: Trust the process | Drink tea | Love unconditionally |she/her | #blacklivesmatter

Shauna Stuart

@Shauna Reporter

Twitter Bio: Cosplaying as a writer 💎 Features reporter at @aldotcom. 📝 #PoynterNABJLeaders ’16 🇬🇩🇧🇧 Tea Drinker☕️ 🫖. 🔸I’m on @joinclubhouse!

Sheena Allen


Twitter Bio: TECH • THE ARTS • MEDIA • other dope things | CEO @GoCapWay • prev. @SheenaAllenApps

Shemika Lamare


Twitter Bio: Data Enthusiast 🔍 | Speaker 🗣️

Shelly Bell


Twitter Bio: ⛺️ I build teepees | ✊🏾 CEO @BGirlVentures | 🎧 Podcast: A Dose of Disruption 🏆@Entrepreneur 100 Women in Biz | #ResistBeingAverage

Sherrell Dorsey


Twitter Bio: Raised on MS-DOS & 2Pac • Founder @tpinsights • data alum @columbiajourn ‘18 • Somewhere making Black tech data useful

Sherri L. Smith


Twitter Bio:Tech and games journalist with a passion for good food and better drink. Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag. My opinions are my own.

Shontavia Johnson


Twitter Bio: Helping professional Black women become entrepreneurs who make income+impact w/their intellectual property | JD-Prof-Speaker-Strategist | ΔΣΘ

Sian Morson


Twitter Bio: Investing @ the intersection of art & tech: Roam VC ✨Storyteller ✨Formerly @crossculturevc ✨Currently @indievc Scout ✨ @starfish_accel

Sibyl Edwards


Twitter Bio: Digital Art Director and Designer and Evangelist for socially-conscious design, marketing and technology.

Sidney Buckner



Twitter Bio: I’m a Software Engineer that makes weird faces, & tech/mindset videos. Now taking 1:1 consult calls. | Weekly content here:

Shireen Mitchell


Twitter Bio: Digital data analyst/Disinfo fighter in diversity, tech, media & politics👩🏾‍💻 💜🧡💜💜 Stop Digital Voter Suppression™@masks4America 

Stacy Brown-Philpot


Twitter Bio: CEO @TaskRabbit. Passionate about supporting young women in tech. Consumer products enthusiast. Mom. Detroit native

Starr Rocque


Twitter Bio: Journo. Digital Content Creator. HU⚓️. Aerialist. Gryffindor/Ravenclaw. Author: ‘Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted’ onAmazon.

Stef A.



Stephanie Humphrey


Twitter Bio: Making #tech easier for all of us @ABC @GMA @siriusxm and with the #60SecondTechBreak & ‘Til Death Do You Tweet

Stephanie Lampkin


Twitter Bio: Travel Addict, Adventure Seeker. Stanford Engineer & MIT MBA. Founder CEO of @blendoor

Stephanie Parker


Twitter Bio: Policy @YouTube@Stanford alum / Co-host @TheKpopcast


Tae’lur Alexis


Twitter Bio: 24 ♋️ | Software Developer | Twitch Affiliate @thelivecoders | She/Her | My Story of How I Got into Tech Without A Degree or Bootcamp




Twitter Bio: Black | Queer | Crybaby Software Engineer #BlackTechTwitter #womenwhocode #AllBlackLivesMatter

Takeyah A. Young


Twitter Bio:Speaker. Entrepreneur. Lifestyle Engineer. #STEM gurl. Fixer. Helping leaders in STEM & innovation live well + prosper.

Tamara Y. Washington


Twitter Bio: She/Her RT=interesting≠agree≠endorse #HBCU @jacksonstateu raised @TuskegeeUniv@ncatsuaggies educated #Engineer #Tech #TechDiversity ∆ΣΘ #DST1913 #LinksInc

Tammy C. Buckner


Twitter Bio: Tech Strategist & Influencer • Project Director • Dev • Executive Director @WeCodeKC#AskMeAboutOpportunityZones #GodsFavorite

Tanaisha Renee


Twitter Bio: Self taught Front End Dev | Crunching numbers | Breaking Stereotypes | IG: curlinncode #javascript #html #css #code are my woes.

Tenjie the Coder



Twitter Bio: software engineer. @turingschool (1808 FE) alum. president of the black girl magic fan club. #DefundTheNYPD

Tanya DePass


Twitter Bio: INDG Founder| #Twitch Partner | #LogitechG Team|@RivalsWaterdeep producer|@MotherLandsRPG Creative Dir.|@OrcaCon Board | Repped by @BridgeSixGlobal | She/Her

Tara E. Walker


Twitter Bio: Prin. Software Engineer @Microsoftformerly @awscloud #GeekGirl changing world 1Line of Code @ a Time. Tweets!=Employer #IoT #AI #Mobile#Cloud #Serverless #ΔΣΘ

Tatiana King Jones


Twitter Bio: GrandDuchessOfTech™. Host @ForAllNerds. Work:@mic @techwelikeSeen On: @strongblacklead @netflix@essence @sxsw. @HowardU Made.

Taylor Facen


Twitter Bio: Creator of @MeetSchedu | Howard Alumna | 💗1908💚 | MBA/MS Candidate at MIT |@Twilio Champion | One of the last living Saiyans

TeLisa Daughtry


Twitter Bio: Founder & CTO @FlyTechnista | 🏆Award-Winning #Tech /#STEM #Diversity Advocate |🎙#keynotespeaker | | #author |  I Roundhouse-Kick Glass Ceilings #WEPs #sdgs

Terri Burns


Twitter Bio: partner @gvteam. internet girl. i am busy. (she/her)

Theodora Nwodo


Twitter Bio: Software Engineer @Microsoft (Mixed Reality), Tech Content Creator & DJ 👸🏼 •

Tiffani Ashley Bell


Twitter Bio: Paying water bills @HumanUtility when cities cut off water to poor families. @HowardU @ycombinator alum. Rails dev. Water is a human right. Soon:@StanfordGSB  🌈

Tiffany Brown


Twitter Bio: Freelance web developer and writer (tech topics, mostly). Buy “CSS Master” maybe?

Prof. Tonya Evans


Twitter Bio: Keynote, Law Prof @DickinsonLaw & Entrepreneur | Crypto/blockchain, info privacy, IP + ent law | @AdvantageEvans | host @AtTechIntersect | NU, Howard Law, AKA🌈


Valerie Mosley


Twitter Bio: Seasoned Investor | Global Wealth Strategist | Billion Dollar Mom | Lover of Life

Valerie Phoenix


Twitter Bio: (She/Her) Founder of @TechByChoiceOrg ✊🏾 Full Stack Dev 💻 Ux Designer 👤 Speaker 🎤 Artist 🎨Psychology Enthusiast 🧠 Your Local Cali Hippy 🌴 👩🏾‍🦱🌴



Twitter Bio: Let’s work | Chief D&I Officer @recordingacad | Co-founder @weenonline | Obama + Google alum | All views are mine




Twitter Bio: UMiami Grad • INFJ-T • She/Her • Self-taught Software Engineer tweeting through my journey✨ Let’s connect!

Vanessa Mason


Twitter Bio: Well-being design futurist @IFTF | Writing about the future of belonging at | Passions include wit, wanderlust, whiskey | TX native


Window Snyder


Twitter Bio: Security Blah Blah Blah

Winnie Bosibori Magoma



Twitter Bio: I ‘m a masterpiece.! #JKUAT Alumni. I tweet about anything. Front-end Developer. Obsessed with #CSS. #A11y #ITSM. Learning to code. #WomenWhoCode.


Yelista Jean-Charles



Twitter Bio:Founder @rootsdolls • 2021 @Forbes 30 under 30 • 2019 Quicken Loans Demo Day Winner • BEYONCÉ stan • Karaoke diva • 🇭🇹 unsolicited advice🚫

Yodit Stanton


Twitter Bio: Founder and Chief Unicorn @OpenSensorsio Internet Of Things, Software and Data. Organises @WomenInData

Yvonne Thevonot


Twitter Bio: Ph.D. student, Columbia Teachers College. I seek to support my scholars through the development of STEAM programs, so they can think, create, be, do.


Zuhairah Scott Washington


Twitter BioBuilder. Investor. Advisor. SVP @Expedia. @Uber Alum. Living a life of purpose.

Zuri Hunter


Twitter Bio: HU ’15 | She/Her |Technical Lead for Black Girls Code DC | GitHub: