For the fifth time since 2016, we announce the 2022 list of 200 Black Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter!

It is my distinct honor to present this year’s list of dynamic, engaging, brilliant Black women on Twitter who occupy tech spaces as coders, software engineers, venture capitalists and angel funders, front-end developers and code newbies.

This list comes to us thanks to the generous support of our sustaining sponsor, Nicole Commissiong, VP and Co-Founder of Dynamic Service Solutions, an Engineering, Project Management and Emergency Management firm and media partner, Hacker Noon.

It arrives on International Black Women’s Month, the same month that the First Black Woman, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed to the United States Supreme Court and Elon Musk offered to purchase Twitter for $43 Billion.

This year’s list includes seasoned veterans, college students and young professionals.

The Black women on this list represent those who are the most informative, influential, and engaging of tweeters.

They are innovators and founders; many are under 25 and yet some are well established over 40-year old veterans of the industry who still make time to tweet. They use their Twitter accounts to routinely and regularly share news, information, insights, stats and opportunities for the benefit of their followers and the Twitterverse, in general.

The women on this list tweet content that are not mainly self-promotional but that are instructive.

They recognize the still remaining value of Twitter as a platform that is best suited for sharing instructive information and for initiating dialogue about issues that matter while expressing themselves, their passions and their opinions and being their authentic selves.

Why Just Black Women?

Every year, there is some push back from members of other demographic groups decrying the fact the list is not expanded to other groups, but alas, we are reminded of our Founding principles which include the fact that this list was borne out of frustration over being excluded.

This list was created as a remedy of systematic omission of Black Women in Tech round ups, on StartUp staffs, as recipients for VC investments and from the stages and platforms, alike.

The list launched shortly after Project Diane’s findings that said Black Women received less than 1% of Venture Capital funding for their StartUps.

Black women-led StartUps received the LEAST venture capital funding of all racial and gender groups at just .027%.

The listing was publishing within the same years of sobering findings from the Samuel DuBois Cook Center on Social Equity which highlighted the wealth inequality gap in America and noted that Black women with a bachelor’s degree ages 20–39 have a net worth of $0 to $11,000. As of 2016, the $171,000 average net worth of a typical White family was 10 times greater than the average $17,150 net worth of a typical Black family, according to the Brookings Institution.

In addition, since the list launched, there have been several roundups of “Who to Follow in Tech and on Twitter” and Black Women remain noticeably almost completely ABSENT, therefore, the solution to exclusion is the creation of alternatives like this list that steps up to recognize those left off the lists.

This list responds to the common retort that 1) they didn’t know where to find Black Women in Tech and they couldn’t find any; and 2) There is a pipeline problem or they don’t work in tech or have degrees in tech or STEM fields.

Therefore, without further ado, I present the 2022 list.

Jay Jay Ghatt, Founder, 200 Black Women in Tech to Follow on Twitter List, Creator and Owner, agency, Instructor, ex-Attorney, StartUp Founder,


Ada Nduka Oyom : @Kolokodess 

Developer @DevRelLite | Founder @SheCodeAfrica + Co-founder @oscafrica


Ademusoyo : @ademusoyo

Software Engineer @adifferenttech @macscientists | Content Marketing Strategist @creaticventures @notionhq Ambassador & certified

Aisha Blake

Aisha Blake : @AishaBlake Director of Developer Relations @Pluralsight@TitleOfConf & @selfconferenceorganizer Prev: @NewRelic, @GatsbyJS @DetroitLabs

Aisha Bowe

Aisha Bowe : @arbowe

Former @nasa Rocket Scientist  7-Figure Entrepreneur and Global STEM Speaker. Founder of @STEMBoard & @stemlingoco


Angelabenton.eth : @ABenton

Currently: Founder @Streamlytics | Investor Previously: Founded 1st minority accelerator NewME (Acquired). Also: Author. Cancer Survivor. Mom.

Amanda Spann

Amanda Span : @amandaspann

rboweFormer @nasa Rocket Scientist  7-Figure Entrepreneur and Global STEM Speaker. Founder of @STEMBoard & @stemlingoco


Angie Jones: @techgirl1908

VP, DevRel  | International Keynote Speaker | Java Champion | GitHub Star | Inventor {26 patents} | Creating the impossible at @TBD54566975/@blocks

April Speight

April Speight @vogueandcode

I play a developer on the interweb Spatial Computing Lead at @Microsoft . Director of Community & Education, CyberXR


April Speight @vogueandcode

I play a developer on the interweb Spatial Computing Lead at @Microsoft . Director of Community & Education, CyberXR


Ashley Nelson : @ashleynh

iOS Engineer. Conference Speaker. Blogger.

B. Laurie

B. Laurie: @beLaurie

| professional smiler – tech – curator – follower of Jesus – Haitian – @betaworks fellow –@wef shaper | alum: @Pinterest @a16z @CODE2040 @LinkedIn @HowardU

Ayori.eth aka ‘Selfpreneur’ Selassie: @iAyori

AI & Web3 Investor @LifeModelVC Web2 Engineer, Marketer, #EthicalAi Advocate | Created | @BOLDforce

Brandeis Marshall

Dr. Brandeis Marshall: @csdoctorsister

Dr.  Openly Black education activist, amplifying Black women thriving in data/tech, #DataConscience book Aug/Sep 2022, Follow @blkwomenindata @DataedX_

Barbara H. Whye

Barbara H. Whye : @barbarawhye

Apple VP of Inclusion and Diversity, Former Intel Corporate Vice President and Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Views my own #AKA, #Links PhD Candidate


Brittney (she/her): @Brii_toe_knee

Doc Engineer @Meta | instructor  | Coder  | Blogger  | Speaker  | LGBTQ+  | Views are my own

Bärí A. Williams

Bärí A. Williams: @BariAWilliams

Tech Esq. + Ops | @StubHub+@Facebook alum | DEI/Ethics advocate | Asker of why | Around the way etiquette lover | #TownBusiness | Cal Alum | Views = mine.


 Brit : @BritFitzpatrick

Chief of Starklings @getstarkco• EIR @techstars• Venture Partner @refashiond @HowardU(you know!) • opinions are mine •



boba bria: @bria_sullivan CTO @honeybgames || @bobabria on TikTok || ex- @google engineer || advisor @googlestartups & @thestartfund

Camille Hears

Camille Hears : @camillionz

Entrepreneur, product leader, lightweight angel investor, Head of @spotifyartists . Ex-Apple, YouTube, Google. Started Kit, sold to Patreon. Board @devcolororg


Candice Morgan: @Candice_MMorgan

Lead Equity & Inclusion @GVteam(Google Ventures). Former Head of Diversity @Pinterest and Senior Director @CatalystInc.Views = mine.

Carly-Ann Fergus

Carly-Ann Fergus: @CarlyAnnFergus

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builder Former: @Xrclabs @Parsons Advisories/ Committees: @Opp_Net @cfda EGLP / CELA


Cheryl Contee: @ch3ryl

geek + good = inspirational innovation – CIO of The Impact Seat | Chair/Founder of Do Big Things. Author of Mechanical Bull. Proud single mama!


Chidera: @dera_jo

wooo, you’re checking me out….Here’s what I want you to know: I write code  and are not afraid to try new things (not true). Aite, good ahead now.

Corvida Ravwn

Corvida: @corvida Known for talking #tech in plain English •Tech Blogger • Frontend Web Dev • Nature Photographer • Hampton U • Formerly: TED, Intel, ReadWrite, Chevrolet.


EricaJoy : @EricaJoy

Chief Technology Officer @dccc| Never, ever be afraid to make some noise and get in good trouble, necessary trouble. -John Lewis | married to@iamb

jeniffer opal

Jennifer Opal: @_jenniferopal DevOps Engineer at @HelloSign
& @Dropbox. A Queer, Multi-Award Winning Neurodivergent Blogger, Speaker & Techie. Board Member at @NDinBusiness cyn

Cynthia Gail Manor: @cynthiamanor Retired IT/Reporting professional working towards new career in #WebDev • Student • Graphic Artist •@UTAustin Alum Erica: @EricaCMendez Software Engineer. Web3/Blockchain Enthusiast. @resilientcoders




pearltheceo: @pearltheceo CEO of SiSTEM | Founder of The SiSTEM Way | Solutions Architect @ Databricks | The Tech Teacher | I help minorities break into tech! perrie.eth ::): @Peace_Ojemeh

Founder @HazeMonkeyNFT~ #WomenInNFTs ~ Open Source programs@oscafrica @Gnome @chaosspro & more ~@github~ Always learning.


Ceora: @ceeoreo_

developer advocate @apollographql instructor @eggheadi aws community builder @StackOverflow podcast co-host  aws+python+jamstack dev


C:hristina: @divinetechygirl

Principal Security Consultant &  Lead • #InfoSec Author @OreillyMedia • Creator OG wocintech photos • iThink • iDon’t follow, iLead. •• ex-MSFT •ctina.eth


Deb Raji: @rajiinio AI accountability, audits & eval. Keen on participation & practical outcomes. Fellow @mozilla, CS PhDing, @UCBerkeley

. forever @AJLUnited, @hashtag_include


Felecia Hatcher: @FeleciaHatcher Entrepreneur|Author|Mom|

Anie Akpe

Anie Akpe: @AnieAkpe Building Tech communities in Africa via education & training. Let’s Chat: #Bitcoin #Crypto & #Stocks Brands: @IBOMLLC~@AfricanWIT @innov8tivmag

Charlene Hunter MB

Charlene Hunter MB: @charlenephunter

Founder @codingblackfems | Co-Organiser @blackdevsuk | Co-Host @meetupandcode | Developer | Technical Architect | Love to travel


Chy: ChyrelleIT Daughter of God, Mom, Web Design intern, Full-Stack Software Engineer Student @FlatironSchool Almost certified in AWS & Security


Evelyn Namara: @enamara Tech Entrepreneur | Pan Africanist

Ericka Mabion

Erica Mabion: @3TrailsMabion Loves God & Family 1st. PLTW Admin OTY, 3x TOY. STEM/CTE Coord. PLTW & Google Trainer. innovation. creativity. change.


Gloria Kimbwala: @gkimbwala Currently working @gitcoin. Speaker, Mom. 


Sabrina Hersi Issa: @beingbrina
Learner, leader, joyful warrior. | human rights + tech + investments | leading @beboldmedia, @stanford fellow, championing @survivorfund @peoplesiftar.


AM: @anndreamoore I build and market customer-first technology products. Founder@blacktechwomen
. Angel Investor. Formerly @apple@google @nielsen. Alum@HarvardHBS @uofcincy gigi

Gigi Tech & Money Muse: @1stgenmoneymuse Teacher → Team Jobs ATM (Apply to Me) → Dev Advocatehelping you pivot into remote tech roles & live financially free


Jasmine: @247px

Vanlifer.  Product Designer/Dev.

@ColorfulCoders @LetsKinnect

jeniffer opal

Jennifer Opal: @_jenniferopal DevOps Engineer at @HelloSign
& @Dropbox. A Queer, Multi-Award Winning Neurodivergent Blogger, Speaker & Techie. Board Member at @NDinBusiness.

aicha evans

Aicha Evans: @aicha2evans CEO at @zoox – we’re creating autonomous mobility from the ground up.


Alma Asinobi@almaasinobi Storytelling for 10x growth in Tech Ex: @cowrywise
Leading Global Comms @chessinslums
Washed my hands off my MSc Architecture to travel the world


neversellingmy.sol: @ambertakahashi Just here existing…& occasionally tweeting about tech. My opinions are my own; RTs ≠ endorsements. SDL.

budies in tech

Baddies in Tech: @baddiesintech Advancing black and brown women in tech & #Web3 through education and empowerment  | Join our Discord Server  |


Deirra | Network Engineering & Security @ccieby30

Network Engineer, Content Creator, Tweep & Community Builder. Tweeting about Networking, Cyber Sec, Coding & Cloud. Creator: @libratechacad


Toni Darden | Software Engineer: @Codeworldco

Software Engineer | Big Data @ Comcast  Mentor @ UTP  Founder & Mentor @ Codeworldco Amanda Mills

Amanda Mills-Hubbard @devAmandaJMills Software Engineer who loves anime IafT89LM_400x400

Prof. Lola Eniola-Adefeso: @Lola_UMich Associate Dean of Engineering; Univ. Diversity & Social Transformation Professor of Chemical/Biomed Engineering, Univ. of Michigan; Deputy Editor, Sci Advances


Mez: @MeseretAmbachew
Just a technical girl in a technical world
Alumna, 1913



Software Engineer | Hacking Hottie |Cyber Security & All Things Tech


TheRealDuchess @oswhytecodes Freelance Graphic Designer | Knitter + Crocheter on Etsy | JavaScript’s mistress


Talya C. Parker, MIBA, MCS: @TalyaParker_co

Cybersecurity Architect | Privacy Engineer @Google| AWS Cloud Practitioner | #GRC |Founder + Exec Director @blackgirlsincyb| Alum@GTRI @Nike @Deloitte


Sam: @samcasseusdev

Software Engineer. UX Designer. Speaker. Everything Tech! Ask me about @resilientcoders


simonembanna.eth: @simonembanna
of strategy and culture | ex: @twitch + @nba| web 3 community: @friendlyhotties stephandsec

InfoSteph: @StephandSec She/Her. InfoSec Eng. Thoughts are mine. Writer. Keynote Speaker. LinkedIn Learning Author. ADHDer. Good vibes only. BLM.

dr koire

Dr. Korie with a “K” (she/her): @teamkorie

(Re)Defining the Image of STEM | STEM Diversity Advocate |Keynote Speaker | Postdoctoral Fellow ChemE @UMich| @Cornell BME PhD |@NorfolkStata Alum


alliejoy.eth | OG Baddie: @techbaddieallie Making the Tech Industry Sexy  Web3 Enthusiast | Founder @baddiesintech | DEI Tech Sourcer/Career Coach | God’s Babygirl


Temilola :@TemiOlukoko devops engineer in fintech, gym rat & content creator / founder: @simplexcode_ teneikaask

Teneika Askew | Analytics & Automation: @teneikaask_you
Sharing resources to upskill & pivot | Passionate about Data+Women Mentor & Teacher tuon

Toun O.: @thecybertea

Founder and CEO: @cyfendry @CyfendryAcadem || Chapter Lead:@wsc_dallas|| InfoSec & Compliance


Marcia Wade Talbert:  @TheTechGyrl Organic Social Lead @CDWcorp | Content Mkt Enthusiast | Former Sr. Editor @EdTech_K1 and Journalist | Tweets are my own. Also follow my alter ego @newsgyrl


Temilola :@TemiOlukoko devops engineer in fintech, gym rat & content creator / founder: @simplexcode_


Yumiko: @theyumikojones BI & Analytics Solution Engineer | 200 RYT Yogi | CSM | Wellness | Dog Mom

dr siobahn

Dr. Siobahn Day Grady @drday_

Assistant Professor of Information Systems at @nccu | Artificial Intelligence Researcher @_laier_ | @unc_citap Faculty Affiliate


Zrybea Whitfield: @zwhitfielddev Software Engineer at Audible | Video Games  | Bodybuilding  | Coding gracem

gracem: @GraceMacjones

Full time optimist| Host of @techunlockedpod | Building @wociet|engineer @Microsofy| Blockchain enthusiast | Philippians 4:13


Lindsey C. Holmes, M.S.


Schamir: @zonamoon_ software engineer #100Devs • multidisciplinary crtv • gamer • part-time longboarder

marry girasol

Mary : @Girasol_Mary
| IG:Gira_soule  #Techiepreneur| CEO of @MyTechBF
#TheBlueprint #Boredbutpaid #Specialize Feat.AfroTech, Blackenterprise, Business insider, Yahoo News susanne

Susanne Tedrick @SusanneTedrick


A.: @Afrohacker Data scientist | Software Eng | #WIT | Sports | Cyclist | Sorting hat said Slytherin, I still disagree | Views are mine, obvs anissat

Anissa Thompson: @anissat
#SocialMedia #Developer | Trainer | Educator | Speaker • #Adobe ACP | UGM @lawebprosgroup• #Yeshua #Jesus Believer • aniya

Aniyia ( Anita without the T):
systempreneur. creator. human. building the future @omidyarnetwork. rolling deep with @bbfounders, @zebras_unite, @buildwithbia
. @polotek’s wife.


Arlyne writes ABBY INVENTS @ArlyneSimonPhD Biomedical Engineer, Inventor & Entrepreneur. Known to little inventors as ‘Abby’. Author of ABBY INVENTS @AbbyInvents

Candi Castleberry

Candi Castleberry (She/Her):
VP DEI @Amazon Formerly @Twitter@Walgreens @UPMC @Motorola #SunMicrosystems IDEA Champion: Intersectionality• Diversity•Equity•A11y #IWillDoMyPart #LiveWithJoy


Charlene Brown MD, MPH: @drcharlenebrown

Founder @CNASimVR | Former @usaid, @us_fda, @BMore_Healthy, Deputy Commissioner|@harvardmed@harvardchansph @princeton alum|#Consultant #PublicHealth #PrevMed


whitney : @nonprofWHIT solar-powered introvert | budding enviro data analyst  | passionately curious | tweets candidly abt public sector, tech, #stilloutside | she/her


Darnèle Pierre-Louis: @darnele91 Cloud Engineer


Erin Teague:@ErinTeague

product @youtube, @google; previously@twitter&@yahoo@harvard,@umengineering&@eecsatmialum |  working hard to make my ancestors smile!

240417720_129523406063571_4576219128601270130_n (1)

Hadiyah Mujhid: @hadiyahdotme

Founder @hbcuvc. Recovering #software eng. Helping @indievc & @lightspeedvp find dope founders. My venn #startups #venturecapital #hbcus.

Heather Faison

Heather Faison : @HeatherFaison Girls advocate using tech to accelerate change. @HowardU grad. Hella gay. DC  Oakland  RDU


Idalin Bobé: @IdalinBobe @meroxadata• Founder http://TechActivist.Org • Organizer of @Tech_Intersect• Former #BlackGirlsCODE

#ThoughtWorks #TheRoot100 • tech + social justice


Ifeoma Ozoma: @IfeomaOzoma Founder & Principal of Earthseed | Co-sponsor of Silenced No More Act | Creator of Tech Worker Handbook | Transparency in Employment Agreements | Ē-foam-ah


Dr. Ilham Kadri : @Kadriilham CEO @SolvayGroup. Passionate about #sustainability #digital #technology #diversity & #inclusion. Proud

mum & Chairwoman Emeritus of Hygieia Network


Ire Aderinokun: @ireaderinokun

Frontend Dev, UI Design, @helicarrierinc, @buycoins (YC S18), @botsofcode, @googledevexpert, @frontstackio, @feminist_co



isa watson: @isadwatson Founder & CEO of @withyoursquad
, the new social app for you + your close friends | “I think us bad b*tches are a gift from God.” – Cardi B |


Izzy Izzy Izzy: @Is_Vix

Cloud Security Things #infosec #cybersecurity  | my tweets are my own. Featured in @SearchSecurity and @Trulioo


Jumoke K. Dada: @jumokedada Technologist. Entrepreneur. Storyteller #MakingSpace at @RSI | @TechWomenWork | @HUETechSummit | @ForbesWomen


Juliana Rotich: @afromusing Solving problems using tech. Compass is: Make, fix, help others. Co-founded @BRCKnet @Ushahidi + I

serve on a couple of boards. Views are mine


Joycelyn James: @jfjamesesq Advocate for diversity & inclusion in all things media, tech & STEM-related. RT not endorsement. Proud Howard Bison in the Capital of Inclusive Innovation.


Dr. Joy Buolamwini: @jovialjoy

Founder Algorithmic Justice League @AJLUnited | – Warrior Artist, Computer Scientist | views are my own



Jotaka Eaddy: @JotakaEaddy Strategist & Connector | CEO- Full Circle Strategies | Founder #winwithblackwomen | Fmr Exec

@NAACP | Fmr C-suite Exec #SiliconValley

Jewel Burks Solomon

Jewel Burks Solomon @jewelmelanie

saved by grace • Mekai’s mama • partner at @collab_capital • Head of @googlestartups, U.S. • founder @Partpic (acq. by @Amazon) •@howardu alumna • she/her

Jessica L. Williams

Jessica L. Williams (17/100) @techbizgurl I talk about side hustles, being a newsletter creator, and juggling it all while caregiving. Get

my free side hustle workshop:

Jessica Dembe

Jessica Dembe: @jmdembe Front-end dev @theironyard
& @UofMaryland alumni. Typing fast and taking notes. My opinions, musings, and observations. #DCTech.

Jessica O. Matthews

Jessica O. Matthews: @jessomatt Fndr & CEO Uncharted. Believer in all things authentic, disruptive and empowering. Contact:


Jamie Broadnax: @JamieBroadnax Blogger. Nerd. Billionaire. Just kidding. Founder and CEO @blackgirlnerds. Freelance writer.

@criticschoicemember. Fighter for Progressive Policy and Rights

Jaleesa Trapp

Jaleesa Trapp: @JaleesaT educator  uw alum (@hcdeuw)  currently a phd student in the@LLKgroup
at the mit@medialab

Sweet cyber

Sweet Cyber Jones: @jaidbarrett InfoSec Professional | Speaker |Cybersecurity, Data Privacy, InfoSec & Tech Lover | University of

South Florida Alum | STEM | 

Katrina Jones @Katrina_HRM

Katrina Jones: @Katrina_HRM She/Her. CEO + Founder. DEI + Talent. Culture + community first. Always thinking about how we achieve a more equitable, inclusive future.

Keirsten Brager

Secure The Bag: @KeirstenBrager

Minding the biz that pays me. @profbrager‘s wife. Buy Secure The InfoSec Bag: Six Figure Career Guide


KelliNikole: @KelliNikole Co-Founder@be_nimbleco | Managing Partner @sixty8capital | Catalyst & Doer | Solving problems daily


Kenda: @kendacodes DEI Advocate | Software Engineer |Web design | #BlackTech | #womenInTech | #BlackTechTwitter 

Kesha W

Kesha Williams: @KeshaWillz

Sr. Principal – AWS Cloud Residency @Slalom | Speaker | AWS Machine Learning Hero @awscloud | Alexa Champion | @HackerRank All Star | Board Member @WomenInVoice

patent atorney

Patent Attorney: @EvansIPLaw Intellectual Property Attorney – #Patent, #Trademark and #Copyright Law/ 2014 White House STEM Champion of Change! As seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS, FOX and Make48

Khalia M. Braswell

Khalia M. Braswell: @KhaliaBraswell

At the nexus of computer science + education + user experience • mastered it, now pursuing a PhD in those things @TempleUniv • Founder of @INTechCamp


Kierra Data Conversationalist

Kierra | Data Conversationalist: @iamKierraD

Lover of all things data • BI Developer & Analytics Consultant • CEO of @TheDataBloq• Not nice, but cordial @UTCompSci alumna


kimberlybryant.eth: @6Gems

Founder and CEO @BlackGirlsCode |  *1908* | Engineer | Speaker | Angel Investor | Inspirations: kiddo @akaimorton


Korin Reid

Korin Reid: @korinreid CEO @Ellisonlabs, Data Scientist, @forbes
30 under 30 2017, @GeorgiaTech

PhD, Professor @PurdueGlobal and @BerkeleyISchool , Writer, Believer

Kris Smith

Kris Smith, MBA: @theblacktechie

I tweet about Sports & Analytics. Saw your text/tweet. I’m likely watching sports.

@hssubusiness Adv Board.@superphone Ambassador. Hampton/GT Alum.


Kristy Tillman: @KristyT Director of Product Design @Netflix| Former@ideo @meta @slackhq | #FAMUly@jpegmorganxyz+

@CPGclub Prev:@Meta @SlackHQ @ideo



Latesha Byrd | Career Empowerment + DEI: @Latesha_Byrd Executive Coach, Speaker & Talent Advisor to high growth startups. CEO @goperfeqta| Creator @career_chasers | Professor @ncatsuaggies


Laura Weidman Powers: @laurawp Now: Advancement Initiative at @Base10Partners. Then:@EchoingGreen @Code2040

@WHOSTP44 @Stanford @Harvard

Lisa Mae

Lisa Mae Brunson: @MissLisaMae Founder @wonderwomentech
• 40 under 40 • Social Innovator • 2019 Create Cultivate Top 100 • Entrepreneur “100 Powerful Women”• Speaker• Commissioner •



LisaLeid: @Digitalnista I blog for@innov8tivmag
. #Founder of @Techncolor
I’m passionate abt #Social, #Digital and all things #Tech co organizer of Women of #Wordpress NYC #emailgeek

Lisa Richardson

Dr. Lisa Richardson: @DrLisaWP

Build a healthy relationship with your for-profit or nonprofit business. Operations & Authority Consultant. Blerd. CEO @mainstmartech


Lynne d Johnson: @lynneluvah Content Director @admonsters
Class, Race & Gender Adjunct @SUNYEmpireLabor
Telegram @lynnedjohnson

king lola @lolaodelola @blackgirltech‘s & @lostinthesource‘s mum, poet, coder, wanderer, wonderer, & anti-cheesecake & anti-hennessy

activist. i am not my employer.


Maci Peterson Philitas: @MaciPeterson Wife  Mother  Inventor  Founder @onsecondthought
& I Look Like an Investor (ILLI)• Novice art collector• Podcaster Retired DJ 

mama says : @MameSays Journalist , Fashion + Tech Creative


OfficialBlackWallSt: @OBWSapp The largest directory of Black-owned businesses. Download the OBWSapp!

code girl



( Codegirl ) @codegirl3 Co-Founder #StemNasticsLLC/ #GigabyteMagazine,#Stem/#Steam, #TechEvangelist,#Gaming #CyberSecurity,#WomenInTech #Wife & #Mother

Maria Romana

Mariah “Roman” Lichtenstern: @lightedstar @DiverseCityV | @AspenTechHub Fellow | @TechFundingEQ– VC accelerating positive social, economic, and climate impact through entrepreneurship.

Lady Marine

Lady Mariéme Jamme : @mjamme Chief Sustainability Officer|Artist|Founder of @i_amthecode|Purpose driven||PodcasterSDGs Goalkeeper| Mentor in Chief| KeyNote Speaker| -RTs #endorsement

Dr. Marlo Rencher

Dr. Marlo Rencher: @marlorencher Mom. Wife. Entrepreneur. Anthropologist. Committed to diverse technology entrepreneurship.


mrd: @meganrosedickey Chief Content Officer at @Backstage_Cap
. Past: Senior reporter at @Protocol @TechCrunch


Melanie Araujo-Valdés Olmos @melarauj0 Design Leadership Coach & Instructor @designdeptco• be kind to yourself & others.


Mercedes Bent: @mercebent

VC at Lightspeed @miFlink @TheForage_@Stori_MX@Outschool @FCFlio Co-Lead LATAM, Consumer Crypto, also invest Fintech Edtech

michele henry

Michele Henry: @michele_henry @Workday. Analyst @Samsung|| #MigratoryNotes || @VAtech and @USC MBA alum || #WomeninTech Mina

Mina Markham: @MinaMarkham am: Staff Engineer @Salesforce
via @SlackHQ. Keynote Speaker. ¶ was: @HFA
¶ always: INFP. ADHD. Ravenclaw. Beyoncé. #BΔΚ


Misan: @misan_iwere Sick & Tired | Engineer @BenchSci | Co-founder @nsbehacksuoft

monica @indigitalcolor web developer building technology to elevate people. @ReactJSRobins
founder. @Github. Creative Outlet :


Monique Woodard: @MoniqueWoodard Founding Partner & Head Baker @cakeventures | Prev: @500GlobalVC @LightspeedVP Scout


debaun.eth: @MorganDeBaun Media CEO + Founder of @Blavityinc : @afrotech @shadowandact @21ninety (#summit21) @blavity and @travelnoire


moyin @moyheen Android Tech Lead @Twitter
Search  @GoogleDevExpert
for Android 8x Marathoner Sprichst du Deutsch? occasionally ranting about


Nashlie Sephus, PhD @phenomenashli TechEvangelist @Amazon  AI. Founded @TheBeanPath @JXNTechDistrict @KITTLabs CTO of acquired #Partpic. Native of JxnMS. Lives in ATL. #MSState.#GaTech#Engineer

Natalie Davis

Natalie Davis, Sparkling Programmer Extraordinaire: @codeFreedomRitr Interested in solving human problems through technology (she/her). So this one time at dev camp…


Naya @bossnayamoss #blackwomenintech IT to #infosec Founder of@frauvis @namoslabs @betterinf IT Sec #GRC NoCode Creative Coding Automation #ADHD, &RmteWrk



Nichelle McCall-Browne: @Nichelle_McCall Co-Founder of @Bramework
| #Startup Strategist | Venture-backed #Tech #Entrepreneur | Speaker  | Lover of Ice Cream, my family, and #Cleveland


Dr. Nicki Washington @dr_nickiw Director @identityInCS | #JCSU Alum | #CS PhD | #AKA1908 | Gen X | Unapologetically Dope


Nicole Tinson: @Nikki_T Mover and shaker. CEO of @HBCU20x20. Dillard & Yale alumna. ΔΣΘ. Forbes 30 Under 30. The Root 100.

Featured in Business Insider, Washington Post, Fast Company.


Nikema @dev_nikema  DX/DevRel  • @supertokensio Ambassador • #AWSCommunityBuilder#OurVoices #NDInTech #SpacesHost •

#HardlyTechnical talent scout


Nikita T. Mitchell @NikitaTMitchell Infinitely curious business strategist, speaker, and writer. Tech employee by day. Editor of  @abovebottomline by night.


Oϝυɾҽ Ukpebor: @Aufuray Momma. Techie. Tailor. Dreamer. Believer.


Odoziaku: @PrincesOluebube Christian, Software Engineer, developer advocate, wife, mom * 2. Pray without ceasing.


Pariss Athena | Founder of Black Tech Pipeline : @ParissAthena

Founder & CEO of Black Tech Pipeline (@btpipeline)  | Creator of #BlackTechTwitter@dayhaysoos


Qiana Patterson: @Q_i_a_n_a

Managing Partner @nayahstudio| Investor | Tech | Operations | Home Cook | #PledgeLA Chairwoman |


Rebecca Enonchong: @africatechie

Tech entrepreneur. Founder CEO@AppsTech,@iospaces (home of@AyooAfrica). Board Chair @Activspaces Vice-Chair @WHOFoundation @ABANangels, @EximBankUS


rediet abebe: @red_abebe @acmeaamo @md4sg @black_in_ai • don’t check DMs


Regina Honu @ragyare CEO @SoronkoF ,@Techneedsgirls , @SoronkoAcademy Fellow at@Ashoka @WashFellowship , @AspenNewVoices,Featured @CNNAfricanstart .


Safia @captainsafia

I help build http://ASP.NET at @microsoftand the @nteractio universe in my “spare time”. Dream big and follow through even bigger.


Saron @saronyitbarek 2x founder, building Disco, @CodeNewbies
(acquired). I wore a t-shirt to my wedding. Developer. Podcaster. Ethiopian. Host #CommandLinePod


Scooter Phoenix is my sobriquet: @ScooterPhoenix Solution Architect, AWS CSAA .to learn stuff. Co-Host of #CompilerPodcast & Red Hat Summit Virtual Experience


Shae | NYC Brand & Web Designer | Visual Strategy @theSashaShae I love Jesus! »@love316m | #WebDesigner @FreshMedley » #oxygenbuilder #NaturalHair #NaturalBeauty »@texturedgirl


Shari Hunt: @ShariHunt Boosting technology resources for #smallbusinesses, #nonprofits and #WomenInTech.


Sha: @Shadongo Trusting the process | Drinking tea | Loving unconditionally | #blacklivesmatter | Working with data @Google


Issa Rae’s edges: @ShaunaReporter  For the culture at @aldotcom . Steeper of tea . Lover of plantains . Collectress of red lipstick and perfume.


Sheena Allen @whoisSheena TECH • THE ARTS • MEDIA • other dope things | CEO @goCapWay• prev. @SheenaAllenApps


Omi @iamshellybell Shelly Omilâdè Bell | CEO @bgirlventures |  Radio: The Shelly Bell Show @SiriusXMUrbanView

CH 126 | @Entrepreneur 100 Women in Biz |  202-918-4483


Pronounced Sher – Elle: @Sherrell_Dorsey Author #UpperHand The Future of Work for the Rest of Us • Leading @tpinsight • Get our



Issa Rae’s edges: @ShaunaReporter  For the culture at @aldotcom . Steeper of tea . Lover of plantains . Collectress of red lipstick and perfume.


misssmith11:  @misssmith11 Tech and games journalist with a passion for good food and better drink. Editor in Chief of Laptop Mag. My opinions are my own.


SHONTAVIA: @ShontaviaJEsq I help Black women turn their big ideas into IP and companies. CEO of LVRG, a digital education company. Speaking: @gravityspeakers


Sian.eth @sianmorson NFT Curator & Collector Building Community @palmnft //Editor @theblkchain // Founding member @herstorydao //Creating as @vd0artist // GP @Starfish_Fund


Sidney Buckner @shidonichan A software engineer that makes weird faces | Instructor: CoderGirl KC | Parttime YouTuber | Tech content here:


Shireen, Harlem’s Shuri, In Political Mecca! :  @digitalsista Digital data analyst/Disinfo fighter in diversity, tech, media & politics about @stopovaw
Stop Digital Voter Suppression™


Stacy Brown-Philpot: @sbp04
CEO @TaskRabbit. Passionate about supporting young women in tech. Consumer products enthusiast. Mom. Detroit native.


Blocka Khan @Starr_Rocque Mama. Journo. Branded Content Creator. Hamptonian. Aerialist. Gryffindor. Author: ‘Bloggers Can’t Be Trusted’ on Amazon.


Stef A. : @TECHnLY_SpeakN investor @ia_fund : economic justice. markets. startups. capital. data. storytelling. & mad . stephen humphrey

Stephanie Humphrey: @TechLifeSteph Making #tech easier for all of us on-air & online: #60SecondTechBreak/Til Death Do You Tweet/ @thetechjawn podcast


Tae’lur Alexis @TaelurAlexis 25  | Web Dev & Infosec n00b | Top 6% on THM | JS, Python  | Linux Princess | Twitch Affiliate @thelivecoders


Tae: @_heytae_ Software Engineer @ SSC Black | Queer | Crybaby


Taylor Poindexter: @engineering_bae

Engineering Manager at Spotify Co-founder of @blkCodeCollctve

Whisk(e)y connoisseur UVA Alum Scuba DiverIG: womanwithwhiskey


tammy buckner

Tammy Buckner: @tammycbuckner

CEO & Co Founder @WeCodeKC | Tech Strategist & Advocate | Dev | #GodsFavorite


Tanaisha Renee: @educatedlady20 Self taught Front End Dev | Crunching numbers | Breaking Stereotypes | IG: curlinncode #blackgirlscode . Future #uxdesigner #100daysofUX


Timnit Gebru: @timnitGebru


Cypher @ home: @cypheroftyr INDG Founder| #Twitch Partner | Sponsored by @LogitechG | @RivalsWaterdeep
prod.| @MotherLandsRPG
Creative Dir.| @OrcaCon
Board | Rep: @BridgeSixGlobal



Tara: @taraw Prin. Software Engineer @Microsoft
formerly @awscloud #GeekGirl changing world 1Line of Code @ a Time. Tweets!=Employer


taylorfacen.eth: @ItsTayFay Tweets about data, tech, product, and any other random topic that comes to mind. #ODC1 | Howard Alumna | 1908 | currently @AngelList Venture

big nez

Big Nenz : @AdoraNwodo Igbo • Catholic • Cloud Engineering @Microsoft
• Student @StanfordGSB
• Published Author • Creator @AdoraHack
• Learn Cloud Stuff

terry buns

Terri Burns (tcburning.eth): @tcburning partner @gvteam. internet girl. they say i’m young and busy.


𝕋𝕖𝕃𝕚𝕤𝕒𝔻.NFT | Crypto Meta NFT Auntie @TeLisaD Award-Winning Technologist • Entrepreneur • Author • DEI | Founder @flytechnista™ | UN Speaker/US Dept State |Mystic | #SpacesHost

prof evans

Prof. Tonya M. Evans | #ForbesOver50: @IPProfEvans @DickinsonLaw | @AdvantageEvans | Host @AtTechIntersect | Crypto+IP Law | As seen on Cheddar, Newsy, Bloomberg, CNBC | Book ASAPEDLY:


Valerie Phoenix  @DigitalBlkHippy (She/Her) Founder of @TechByChoiceOrg  Artist  Engineering Manager  Speaker  Psychology Enthusiast  Your Local Cali Hippie


Yvonne Thevenot, Ed.M. @experentiadocet Ph.D. student, Columbia Teachers College. I seek to support my scholars through the development of STEAM programs, so they can think, create, be, do.

erica stanely

Erica Stanley:@ericastanley Engineering Director @ Google Play | Investor @OutlanderLabs|Organizer@RefactrTech|Founder@WWCAt|Prev:@MozillaHubs@MozillaReality@SalesLoft@indievc


hood nerd @TechWithX building the future of my ancestor’s dreams  ai research @google
 || web3. nfts. crypto  || prev: blockchain @microsoft


Window Snyder @window Founder and CEO of Thistle Technologies


Zuri Hunter: @ZuriHunter She/Her | @HowardU
’15 | Technical Lead for Black Girls Code DC @VolunteerBGCDC| Software Engineer @blackcapeio


Zuhairah Scott Washington @Zuhairah President @OtriumOfficial
. @ExpediaGroup , @Harvard & @Uber Alum. Find me in @HBR , @NP , @Forbe. Jumped 100 hurdles, trying to knock down a few.


Yaliwe Soko : @SokoYaliwe South Africa Ecosystem Lead at cLabs |Chairwoman United Africa Blockchain Association | Ethereum Devcon Alumni | Visionary | Futurist

tovina evans

Tavonia Evans:@cryptodeeva Servant to $GUAP @guapcoin Community // CTO @ #theblackwallstreet // Mom of 8 // Crypto Expert // Black Business Supporter // Data Scientist // Astrologer

jenifer adams

Jennifer Ponder: @JPonder77 Director of Technology | @BWTalkTech

Atlanta (TTA) Chapter Co-Lead |

@WWCodeFrontEnd Legacy Architect|Cloud Eng|Speaker| Natl Program Dir. STEM Atl Women


erinhmckinney: @erinhmckinney


Ivy Barley:@ivybarley

Helping you get started in tech via @SpaceswithIvy& devinvogue| Microsoft | #BlackTechTwitter | Views are mine.


The Coding Therapist: @codingtherapist Virtual Occupational therapist + yoga teacher using assistive technology to increase web #accessibility. Sharing my fullstack web dev journey.


Thembiso Magajana: @thembiso_m Inclusion Activist | Founder of @social_coding | Helping rural communities leverage technology for a better future.